Our Coaching Program

Our coaching practice is based on using models and tools that help you and your team/organisation make decisions, commit to actions, overcome barriers and consistently produce results till you and your team/organisation go from where they are to where they ought to be, and from their NOW to their WOW. During coaching sessions, your team/staff gain more clarity about the targets and goals that have been set for them, as well as guide them to navigate their way towards the accomplishment of these goals and targets. Our coaching sessions are hands-on and entail the use of questioning rather than instructions to get your teams to arrive at the desired destination.
Sales Coaching: This solution is tailored to help members of sales, marketing, and business development teams self-assess and self-discover ways to achieve their sales and marketing goals. They learn to assess their areas of strength and areas of improvement, provide and receive feedback, change behaviours, develop knowledge and skills, self-motivate, and strengthen relationships to help them improve performance and achieve their goals.
Team Peak Performance Coaching: This is designed especially for teams within your organization. Our coaching sessions help the teams learn how to work together as a unit, engaging every member of the team to achieve excellent results consistently. We help the teams recognise and maximise the strengths of each member of their teams. They learn to provide and receive feedback, change behaviours, and strengthen relationships to help them perform at their peaks.
Executive Coaching:

This program is custom-made to help founders, directors, presidents, vice presidents, members of the C-suite, and top-level leaders in an organisation. We offer a safe, structured, and trustworthy environment to help the leader understand their current competencies, be self-aware − internally and externally, and focus on identifying and clarifying current goals as well as the appropriate action steps to reach these goals.